gaffe #.84



A rip-off from the cover page of Michael Swanwick’s short story collection, ‘Not So Much, Said the Cat



gaffe #.83


Satya Nadella meets God

Few things of-course needs divine intervention!

gaffe #.81


Buried in the Sand

This was motivated from the fallen statues of Saddam Hussein, Stalin etc. typical at the end of a revolution/regime.

Sketched on 7 May 2017.


gaffe #.79


Curse of the Crescent

A man with a pair of horn and a tail stares at the moon, rest is left to imagination.

Sketched on 13 April 2018 (and I had initially named it as, ‘The Man and his Mission’) and revised on 12 January 2019.

gaffe #.77

A Misbehaving Star

The Kepler telescope looked at a star,
fourteen hundred and seventy light-years afar,
its readings were far from par,
and the intensity dips were bizarre

A dip of twenty-two percent,
and nobody knew what it meant,
but it gave us a scent,
of other life forms as far as the universe went[1]

Is it weird aliens and their Dyson sphere?
or a passing comet[2] and a spasm of fear?
cosmic dust? or debris from a galactic war not cleared?
or an exotic phenomenon which we cannot grasp from here?

Tabby’s star, as it got named,
her paper, ‘Where’s the Flux?'[3] found fame,
Aliens are the last resort of logic[4], from which we all must refrain,
Science – not a fantasy to tame[5,6]

The first contact may have to wait,
and we are yet to call an alien ‘hey there mate’,
or are we destined for a disaster and this just a bait?
Little do we know what is in our fate.